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Venetia Zajkowski
Personal Trainer

Strong Body, Strong Mind


I train clients and run small group classes in Haslemere, Godalming and Chiddingfold and surrounding villages


"Coming to see Venetia was the best decision I’ve made this year" 
Luke F, Godalming
"Thank you for a great programme.  I felt that you were very sensitive to my needs"
Emma L, Godalming

Personal Training



Not seeing results or have limited time to train?

Don't know how to use the equipment and feel intimidated asking for help?

Find yourself copying someone else or using the same weights as other people?

Many people stop training within 3 months due to lack of results or too little time

Train 1-1 with me and you will maximise your results in the minimum time!

  • Get a fully personalised programme

  • Complete the right exercises, safely

  • Use the equipment correctly

  • Use the right levels of resistance

  • Maximise your workout time

  • Most importantly, get results and enjoy your workouts!


Fitness Assessments

Completely new to exercise or just want to understand your level of fitness against current benchmarks? 


Weight Loss & Toning

Do you have a dress to fit into, or a holiday or special event coming up?  

Here I incorporate HIIT into resistance training programmes to accelerate weight loss and improve muscle tone. 


Basic & Advanced Strength Training

Strength training is for everyone and you can build strength according to your own body type and goals.

As you advance, you’ll learn how to handle heavier weights safely, how to do a range of advanced exercises correctly including deadlifts, squats, and bench press and set realistic strength goals.


Core Focus

Whether you want to build a 6-pack, improve your posture or help reduce back pain, there are so many reasons to strengthen your core.  

Here I combine core exercises with exercises drawn from pilates to build stability & strength into your entire core.


Runner's Focus

Here I target specific muscles to improve running performance.

Strengthening your core will improve running posture.  I include specific resistance training that strengthens the knees as well as stretching for common running problems like a tight Iliotibial band.


Nutritional Guidance


Abs are made in the kitchen!  I provide nutritional guidance and help you set goals to ensure you achieve the results your hard work deserves. 


New to the gym and want to develop your confidence?





Health assessment and three 1-hour personal training sessions for only £99 


Want a fully personalised training plan you'll love doing?

Want to learn correct form and maximise your results in the minimum time?

You'll develop confidence and move around the gym like you've been working out for years!


Class sizes are limited to ensure you get a high level of individual attention


Resistance Band Class

Learn it here, take it anywhere! Resistance bands are one of my favourite travel accessories!

This class combines resistance training, core exercises and pilates movements.  Different strength bands make this class suitable for everyone.

First class is free, thereafter £9 per individual class. £45 block of 5 classes includes a set of 3 resistance bands of different strengths.


Bodyweight Workout

Think bodyweight workouts were just push ups and pull ups?  Humans have been using bodyweight for strength and conditioning for centuries.  

In this class you will learn strength and conditioning training with no special equipment required. 

First class is free, thereafter £9 per individual class/£40 block of 5 classes.


Suspension Training

Although originally developed by the Navy SEALs, suspension training is for everyone! 

You will build strength and burn fat and its way more fun than you'd imagine.

Class size limited to 4 participants.  £12 per individual class.

Gym membership is not required to attend classes at any of my training locations


By including resistance training and cardio exercise you can lose 40% more body fat over a reduced calorie diet alone


I train clients and run small group classes at these locations

I also train clients in their own homes in Haslemere, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Grayshott, Midhurst, Petworth and surrounding villages




Coopers Place
Combe Ln, Wormley, Chiddingfold


Free parking

Gym membership is not required to attend my personal training sessions and classes

Small group classes available here



Unit 4, Unicorn Trading Estate
Weydown Road, Haslemere
GU27 1DN


Free parking

Gym membership is not required to attend my personal training sessions and classes

Small group classes available here